How about us? How about you…

You … with your incredible dream in that rugged hippie heart of yours, to undertake courageous action to pursue your dreams. Until late at night you scroll through Pinterest for inspiration and everything that describes the 60’s and 70’s you can see in the pictures of charming, air-cooled cars, such as Volkswagen T1 and T2. Hippie, bohemian, festival, cool, nature, freedom, happiness and love … your mind wanders already. You are the HERO in your own story!

You crave adventure come what may: Ultimate freedom is what you seek. Driving a Volkswagen Kombi or a cool Beetle with its amazing looks. The formidable sound of the boxer engine and knowing that everything is repairable with just a wrench, hammer and screwdriver. A dream journey through known and unknown parts of Europe. An immense dose of fun in your own classic car, that’s what you want.

But then?

You already know for a long time that you must do this. You need something that makes your heart beat faster. You are looking for your ultimate Volkswagen Van, but here are so many offers and you do not know where to ask your questions. Is it reliable? Do I get the best value?


You are looking for a reliable platform. A place to meet online, where you can scroll for hours thru the offers of VW T1 and T2 vans and share experiences. An organization with a clear vision and contact page.

We understand that, we really understand that!

Not so long ago, we started a similar quest. We also couldn’t see the wood for the trees, and we had no idea if we were dealing with reliable people. We are now several years onward, and we frequently travel to Brazil to buy old Kombi’s to, in our own garage, fully restore them to European standards. Then we export our buses to Europe. Every time this is a difficult undertaking because it is a long, bureaucratic and sometimes risky process … but its always a great experience. And this experience, we would like to share with you!

Let us step into your world to help you create that iconic VW bus, or perhaps you need help with the purchase or sale of those great Beetles. With great pleasure and enthusiasm, we are there for you, every day.

Do you want to fulfil your dreams?

Do not delay and buy that rugged old-timer to ensure that the classic cars are preserved for the next generation!

See you soon?

Marco Nooder and Inge Lambinon
Aircooled Network

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